Cozybory is a 9-year-old cozy little bory. She has the ability to feel things far away or near her and when she is not with the other Super Sensers, she like to paint pictures or do other feminine things. She can be a bit flirtatious, even to her secret crush, Pongdybory, but still prefers to be a nice girl.

She is also Luna's friend on Luna and Cozy. Known as a 2009 television show, where she likes to play with Lunabory at the same house together.

About HerEdit

Color: Purple

Gender: Female

Super Sense: Touch

Features: A pink dress, and a red headband

Age: 9

Crush: Pongdybory

Best Friend: Kikibory

Nicknames: Cozy

Times she got the tooba-achoobas: Only once

Catchphrase(s): "I'll put out some feelers."

Voice Actor: Jade Repeta

Trivia Edit

  • Surprisingly, her full name is actually Cozybory Touch.