Impossibory Commonsense


Impossibory is Noonbory's cousin who can do impossible things. When she does these things, her hands glow a bright red and her symbol spins around. Her symbol is a white circle with a red swirl.

About HerEdit

Full Name: Impossibory Commonsense

Color: Purple

Gender: Female

Features: Yellow hair in question-mark-shaped ponytail, blue bow, blue shirt, light blue pants, purple outfit similar to Lunabory's with a yellow collar

Age: 5

Best Friend: Dizzybory

Nickname(s): Impossi

Catchphrases(s): "That's impossible," "I can do anything."

Impossible things she has doneEdit

Impossible thing she did Episode
Switching Cozybory and Rosygury's bodies Cozy and Rosy Confusion
Switching Jety, Luna, and Cozy's bodies SightSoundTouch
Conjoining Luna and Cozy


Matching Daisybory up Mix and Matched