Lukybory is the 8-year old seventh unofficial member of the Super 7. He represents uncommon sense and he tends to make the sitiuation unitentionally worse as he is the only other member who doesn't have a supersense other than Noonbory. Sometimes he provides the answer to the sitiuation. Ironically, Lukybory doesn't have any powers, unlike his little sister Kikibory who has the ability to emit super sound

Lukybory is a fast-ahead bory, who wishes to be part of the Superbory team. Yet, Noonbory says he is part of the superbory team as well. He actually has a sense, called Nonsense, which, as a result of this, causes quite many problems. Lukybory may be in love with Lunabory, because of her big heart and her beautiful sharp eyes but Lukybory is too shy to admit it to her.

About HimEdit

Color: Yellow

Gender: Male

Super Sense: Nonsense

Features: Red cape, orange hat.

Age: 8

Crush: PinkAru

Best Friend: OddBory

Nicknames: Luky

Voice Actor: Reegan T. D. McCheyne


  • His full name is Lukybory Nonsense.