Noonbory is the leader of the Super 7. He flies on a helicopter bicycle called a 'windbike' to fly above and a windboard that can go really fast. Noonbory has some big and little secrets though: He has a crush on Jetybory. He has a sidekick named Mamby

the leader of the Super 7. When there is problems, his Common Sense can bring out the solutions. He has a grandfather named Hanubi and a sidekick named Mamby. He has a catchphrase called "Lets make super sense of this!". He may have strong feelings for Jetybory. His sense is Common Sense..

About HimEdit

Color: White

Gender: Male

Super Sense: Common Sense

Features: Green cape, orange scarf, orange cheeks, two green hairs on head

Age: 10

Crush: Jetybory

Nickname(s): Noon

Best Friend: Mayziebory

Catchphrases(s):Go Bo Borys, Let's Make Super Sense Of This, Hurry Scurry, All Together We Are Better!

Voice Actor: Brent Hirose

General FanonEdit

MrMenCentral FanonEdit

  • His full name is Noonbory Commonsense.
  • He has a cousin named Impossibory.
  • PinkAru is his sister.
  • He is voiced by Brent Hirose.