Singeritis flower

The Singeritis flower.

Singeritis is a disease in Toobalooba in which the Bory or Gury with it sings everything they say. According to MrMenCentral's fanon, a Bory or Gury can get it after eating a Singeritis flower (which is cleverly disguised as a tooba-cherry). Also according to MrMenCentral's fanon, Cozybory is the one who usually gets it (she usually falls for the tooba-cherry disguise of the Singeritis flower).

MrMenCentral FanonEdit

There are 4 classes of Singeritis. Each class is numbered by how many Singeritis flowers it takes to reach that class (so Class 1 Singeritis would be reached by eating 1 Singeritis flower). Class 1 Singeritis is not contagious, because there is no sneezing. We know this because Doctorbory said to Luky and Cozy, "As long as you're sneezing, you're still contagious, so stay in bed."

Class of Singeritis Effects
Class 1 Singeritis No sneezing
Class 2 Singeritis Some sneezing
Class 3 Singeritis More sneezing
Class 4 Singeritis Lots of sneezing

The class of Singeritis that Cozybory usually gets is Class 1 Singeritis. In the canon episode "Singeritis!", she had Class 2 Singeritis, along with Coldygury, Lukybory, and Wangury. The first MrMenCentral fanon episode with Singeritis in it was "A Touch of Singeritis," in which Cozybory got Class 1 Singeritis. (However, previously in "Cozy and Rosy Confusion," (also a MrMenCentral fanon episode) Cozybory, in Rosygury's body (which was caused by Impossibory), was singing in one part of the episode.)


Cozybory used to think that Musicbory had Singeritis, and so she was afraid of her. However, in one episode, she discovered that Musicbory did not have Singeritis; she just liked to sing. Cozybory and Musicbory are now good friends.